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Cold-Formed Steel Design Seminars

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] NEW LGSEA SEMINAR:  
Practical Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures

WHEN/WHERE:              September13         Honolulu
                                     September 17        Los Angeles
                                     September 18        San Francisco Bay
                                     September 19        Seattle
                                     December 12         Atlanta
                                     December 13         Nashville
                                     December 14         Birmingham

The Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association (LGSEA) presents a new continuing
education program specifically developed for engineers and architects who
want to learn practical and efficient design of cold-formed steel structures.
 This seminar goes beyond theoretical concepts to show the actual application
of the techniques every designer can use.

CONTENT:     Subjects covered include:
                     · Codes and Standards (including the most common
questions about  
                        the AISI Specification),
                     · Application Tips and Techniques (Mid-Rise
                               Construction, Residential, Roof Systems,
Curtain Walls),
                     · Software / Design Tools,
                     · Trusses,
                     · Shear Wall Design,
                     · and hands-on design examples that will help attendees
apply what
                       they've learned to real-world situations.

Hand-outs include LGSEA Technical Notes, seminar notes and design examples,
samples and manufacturer literature.

CERTIFICATES:    Attendees will be awarded 6 Learning Units for the seminar.

INSTRUCTORS:   Dr.Roger LaBoube, Ph.D., P.E., Don Allen, P.E.,
                          and Pat Ford, P.E.

REGISTER:         by calling (202) 263-4488.   Or download the registration
                          (attached) or at

FEES:     Honolulu -$150
              100 (LGSEA Member rate)
              All other:  $ 275
                                225  (LGSEA Member rate)

Registration Deadlines:
        Sept. 7      Honolulu   
        Sept 12      Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay  Area and Seattle
        Dec. 5       Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham