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FEMA 350, 351, 352, 353

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We are completing a project just below San Jose that had about 900 tons of
steel.  The building official did not "require" compliance with FEMA 350
however they would "accept" it as meeting the UBC testing requirements.  In
our work we use mostly Ordinary Moment Frames with bolted end plate
connections and other than some additional NDE requirements our final
designs were not much different from the past.  Also, since a lot of our
structures utilize braced frames and a lot of platforming the additional
cost of the NDE out of the total 900 tons was not significant.

For building designs using Special Moment Frames in two directions the
additional compliance to FEMA 350 could be more severe.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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I would like to get a feel of who is using the FEMA 350 series  for design
of new structures.  Has anybody ran into a juristiction that is  requiring
its use of portions thereof.  Nobody up here in Northern  California, be it
structural enginners or city plan checkers seem to know what  to do with
the documents exactly.

Thanks in advance;

Russell Berkowitz
San Francisco,  CA

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