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[Fwd: Important: Virus Alert, Please Read]

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Hi Everyone,
Please be alert!

Chris Tse,
Sunnyvale, CA
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This is a virus notification from Southwestern Bell/Pacific Bell/Nevada Bell Internet Services.  Please read this message carefully.

A virus known as SirCam is affecting Internet users worldwide.  The SirCam virus is transmitted through e-mail attachments and will likely come from someone you know.  We recommend that you monitor your e-mail for unusual or unexpected messages.  As a precaution, delete messages that begin "Hi! How are you?" and end "See you later. Thanks" and contain an attachment.  The message also may appear in Spanish, beginning "Hola como estas?" and ending "Nos vemos pronto, gracias."

If your computer becomes infected, the virus will send messages to every e-mail address stored on your computer and attach your personal files to outgoing messages.  We strongly recommend that you update your anti-virus software to help protect your computer from this virus.

For a complete description of this virus, please refer to the bulletin available at

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