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Email messages with attached viruses

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I have been receiving an unusual amount of email messages over the last week or two that have attachments which Microsoft Outlook identifies as potentially harmful viruses. Fortunately, they are deleted upon arrival but I am concerned that I am receiving two or three a day for different sources. These are not originating on the listservices but are sent directly to my personal address instead of my forwarding addresses that I usually use. I understand that most messages identify my actual e-mail address in the same line where the forwarding address is used. The forwarding address is a convenience that allows me to change ISP's or services without notifying everyone on my contact list of a new address. I simply go to and change the link where mail arriving is forwarded to.
I am wondering if it is because I have a website online or is this fairly common with those of you who are online a great deal. I am not concerned because of numerous protections from firewall software, Norton's Antivirus and Microsoft upgrades that catch Outlook based errors. However, they are annoying.
I am also concerned because Verizon, my ISP and Web hosting service, has added spam control to their server. It is included in my monthly service, but the amount of spam I receive has increased after Verizon announced the new software as of last June.
Again, is this my problem alone, or are others find this a serious problem?

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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