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Re: Email messages with attached viruses

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>I have been receiving an unusual amount of email messages over the last
>week or two that have attachments which Microsoft Outlook identifies as
>potentially harmful viruses.
Check the Symantec site. There are a couple of viruses floating around 
which send messages to addresses in mail address books. Sircam is a worm 
which sends out junk e-mails, among other unpleasantness.

Arguably, I suppose this isn't Microsoft's fault but I suspect that all 
the money being spent cleaning up after the macro viruses compares 
favorably with Bill Gate's net worth, and I'm wondering why no one has 
ever gone after Microsoft to recover some of it. A curious irony is that 
rarely do any of these affect Macs. If this is a result of low market 
share, thank God for it.

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