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Re: Blast Resistant Doors

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Several people have already mentioned the two ASCE design guides which cover blast resistant door design. I just want to mention that in addition to the structural analysis and design, you might also want to consider operability.

If you must rely on the door to remain operable after a blast, you should consider how the manufacturer intends to meet this requirement. Some manufacturers design their doors, including hardware, to remain elastic which theoretically implies the door will operate and not jam after a blast. Some manufacturers back up their structural designs and claims of post-blast operability with dynamic test data. I am not saying the elastic design approach is inadequate. I am simply saying blast tests, if done properly, increase the confidence that the product will work as intended which should be worth something.

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At 08:04 PM 28-07-01 +0100, you wrote:
We have specified the following for the design of Blast resistant Doors.
1. An incident over pressure of 175 KN/M2 and a time duration of 30 ms
2. An incident over pressure of 100 KN/M2 and a time duration of 50ms
3. An incident over pressure of 30 KN/M2 and a time duration of 100ms.

The contractor has submitted design calculations only for the max.incident over pressure neglecting the time duration and cases 2 & 3. He has mentioned the ASCE as the basis of design.

WOuld you inform ASCE has specified any design guidelines for the design of Blast Resistant Doors. If so, in which chapter?

Also please inform any other code which provides step by step approach for the design of Blast Resistant Doors. I understand from your earlier correspondences that Chapter 6 of NAVFAC Design Manual 2.08 provides guidelines for the design. If you can send me the above said design or its latest edition will be of help to me.



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