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Yes, it is common to significantly reduce the allowable stress of aluminum
near welds for all shapes.  The heat affected zone (HAZ) for aluminum is
significantly altered due to the welding process.  Further, this alteration
embrittles the aluminum, thus the reduction in allowable stress and this of
course is in an effort to reduce the possibility for fatigue, but the lower
threshold for most types of aluminum is below 5 ksi.  Good luck.

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Subject: reduction in allowable bending stress of aluminum at welds

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I have a publication from the National Association of Architectural =
Metal Manufacturers called the Pipe Railing Systems Manual (ANSI NAAMM =
AMP 521-95) and in it they have a table of allowable stresses for =
various pipe and tubing materials (Table 1).  For Aluminum, there =
appears to be a very serious reduction in allowable bending stress =
within 1" of weld (for example 6061-T6 is 24 ksi outside of a weld area =
but only 14 ksi within an inch of a weld and 6063-T832 is reduced from =
24 ksi to 8 ksi).  I am not very familiar with aluminum design, but =
would like to know if this is common with all aluminum framing - not =
just pipes and tubes.
Thanks for your help.


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