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Re: E, allowable bending and allowable horiz. shear for #2 hem-fir KD 15%

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Don't forget the size factors adjustment (increase).   2x4 = 1.5, 2x6 = 1.3, 2x8 = 1.2, 2x10 = 1.1 and 2x12 = 1.0 along with duration of load factors, etc.    My understanding is that Hem-Fir (N) is the Canadian grading agency values are probably not what you are getting in the United States.  HTH
Peder Golberg, P.E., S.E.
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Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 9:44 AM
Subject: RE: E, allowable bending and allowable horiz. shear for #2 hem-fir KD 15%

From the 1997 NDS Table 4A Base Design Values for Visually Graded Dimension Lumber, for No. 2 Hem-Fir, width=2"+, Fb=850 psi, Fv=75 psi and E=1,300,000.  Values are for normal load duration and dry service conditions.  For Hem-Fir (N), Fb=1000 psi, Fv=75 psi and E=1,600,00. 
I don't know if this information is available on the web, perhaps others on the list know.  I have it on a CD that came with some commercial wood design software we use.

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Subject: E, allowable bending and allowable horiz. shear for #2 hem-fir KD 15%

I think this is an easy one, but who knows these days.  I seem to recall that the allowable bending stress of wood has been reduced in recent years and I thought I heard it had something to do with the way forests are managed to grow trees faster and then the growth rings are wider (I might have this wrong).  But anyway, I don't have a current NDS so what I would like to know is: What is the current allowable bending stress (Fb), allowable horizontal shear stress (Fv) and modulus of elasticity (E) for #2 hem-fir KD 15% (2x6's through 2x12's).   Is this information available on the web?
Thanks for your help.
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