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Be(e) Careful !

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Re: Ken Kirkland's Bee Problem.

I agree with Bill Polhemus. 
This problem is not to be taken lightly.

It's okay to seek suggestions from any quarter
including the seaint 

forum. But degrees in Structural Engineering do not
qualify us to give 

competent advice to Ken on a solution to this problem.

Ken should seek professional help. If a bee keeper is
not available, 

the local fire brigade, or zoo officials can perhaps
help. (Interesting 

corollary : Can the police be approached ?) 

I say this becuse I recall with horror, an incident
whan an innocent  

acquaintance of mine was stung to death by a swarm of
bees in broad 

daylight in a public place while horror-stricken
bystanders just 

watched helplessly until the last bee had dispersed.
They rushed him to 

the nearest place where medical help was available.
The staff could 

only do too little and too late. The victim had done
nothing to provoke 

the attack. 

If the bees sting others, it may even become a legal
problem and invite 

a law suit with claims for compensation.

Structural Engineers are undoubtedly talented. But Bee
Control was not 

in the syllabus when I studied the subject in 1967 to
1972. My advice 

to Ken is to avoid quacks like us and seek
professional help.

G Vishwanath

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