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Engineers Designing their own houses.

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G Vishwanath wrote:

. > At the risk of sounding personal, let me expound on
. > the subject of wives when one is building one's house.
. > Wives are both a blessing and a nuisance when one is
. > building one's own house. They can't be kept out of
. > this. We can only build a house. The wife is needed to
. > convert it into a livable home.

A man only needs a roof over his head.  A woman needs a home!

. > Of course, my wife occasionally cribbed  about these
. > mistakes. I sought to escape her ire by passing the
. > buck and  my consultant was a convenient scapegoat but
. > she would demolish my argument  with cold feminine
. > logic (How come you too missed it ? Are you not an
. > engineer too ? )

To illustrate that engineers are not all-knowledgeable on everything 
engineering, you might have reminded your wife that brain surgeons would be a 
poor choice to perform obstetrics, as would having an obstetrician perform 
brain surgery based on the fact that they *are* medical doctors.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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