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RE: Attachment of 2X to CFS

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On Sunday, Aug. 5, 2001 at 9:49 PM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

>I need to attach a 2X4 or 6 Nailer to a CFS Track as a "hybrid double top

>What is the best way to do this? Use Bugle-head or Countersink
>screws through the wood into the CFS?

Yes. I believe this is the usual method.  The type of head on the screw will
be determined by the application.  Bugle-heads are typically used for
attaching wood sheathing to CFS. Low profile heads are used on surfaces to
be finished with gypsum board.  Hex head screws may be used if the
application doesn't require the head to be flush with the wood surface.
Regardless of the type of head used, it's recommended that the screws be
long enough that 3 threads are exposed on the underside of the CFS.


David L. Williams, P.E.
Vice-Pres., Snyder Engineering, Inc.
409 Vandiver Drive, Bldg. 5, Ste 203
Columbia, MO  65202

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