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Re: ACI Anchor Bolt Placing Tolerances

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"One inch"!!!  That's an absurd, and unacceptable tolerance for anchor
bolts.  Any carpenter who can't set templates *within* 1/8" should consider
another line of work.  AISC's oversize holes in baseplates are an attempt
to cover sloppy concrete construction.

Of course, bolts can be displaced during the placing of concrete, but
anchor bolts are important.  When I worked for Moses ECCO concrete
construction (before many of you were born), you'd be run off the job if
your bolts consistently were off by more than 1/8".

I spec "within 1/8".  I've *never* had a complaint from a contractor.  The
biggest problems I've had are the contractor placing entire footings in the
wrong place, and calling the office when the erected steel or concrete was
too long on one side of the bent, and too short on the other.  

Fountain E. Conner, P.E.
Gulf Breeze, Fl. 32561

P.S.  As I continue to fume, are you sure that 1" tolerance isn't for the
placing of reinforcing steel?  Now, that's more reasonable!!!

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> Subject: RE: ACI Anchor Bolt Placing Tolerances
> Date: Monday, August 06, 2001 6:17 PM
I don't believe that ACI has anything specific for embedded anchor bolts.
ACI 117 has a general requirement that embedded items be within a tolerance
of 1-inch, but it is noted in the Optional Requirements Checklist that the
engineer may need to specify closer tolerances for some embedments. 

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Subject: ACI Anchor Bolt Placing Tolerances

Does anybody know if ACI has tolerances for placing anchor bolts.
Specifically, are there tolerances for bolt placement relative to other
bolts within a group of anchors.  I know that AISC has tolerance values,
I was wondering if ACI also has something to say on the issue.
Thanks in advance;
Russell Berkowitz
San Francisco, CA

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