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RE: A15, intermediate grade reinforcing

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ASTM A15, Intermediate Grade had a yield point of 40ksi.  The spec was 
discontinued in 1969, but as is common, some general notes do not get 
changed.  The ASTM spec that I am looking at now is ASTM A15-66.  ASTM A15 
covered both plain and deformed reinforcing, and if deformed reinforcing was 
required, ASTM A 305 also had to be specified which covered the deformation 

If the slab was designed using working stress design, I would caution against
checking its adequacy using USD, particularly when considering splice and 
development lengths.  These were based on the stress in the bar, not the 
ultimate capacity of the reinforcing.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Greg Showerman wrote:

. > Our office is investigating an the load capacity of an 8 inch thick 
. > reinforced concrete floor slab.  The floor slab is in a sanitary sewer 
. > lift station.  The plans are dated 1970 and specify A15, intermediate 
. > grade reinforcing.  Can someone tell me the yield stress for this 
. > specific reinforcing.

. > Thank you for the help,

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