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RE: Aluminum Stairs

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I have a copy of the 1994 edition aluminum design manual, in section 6.6.1,
part b, it states:

"Aluminum shall not be placed in direct contact with wood, fiberboard or
other porous material that absorbs water and causes corrosion.  When such
contacts can not be avoided, an insulating barrier...shall be installed.
Aluminum surfaces shall be given a heavy coat of alkali resistant bituminous
paint or other coating providing equivalent protection before installation.
Aluminum in contact with concrete of masonry shall be similarly protected in
cases where moisture is present and corrodents will be entrapped between the

There is another part (part c) that talks about aluminum embedded in

Hope this helps.

Yi Yang
Santa Rosa, CA

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> My concern is the leg (or any other part of the structure) which bears
upon the concrete. Isn't this a no-no? 

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