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RE: City of San Diego and Proprietary Shearwalls

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No! I did not specifically mention name brands. I wanted to feel-out the community for opinions on the acceptability of proprietary shearwalls in multi-story applications. I was not implying Simpson or any other specific brand.
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Subject: Re: City of San Diego and Proprietary Shearwalls

In Marin Co., none of the Building Deptartments have accepted Simpson's second story Strongwalls (no ICBO ER yet).  At the PCBC last month, Simpson's rep said they were only a couple of week's away from final approval. Are you saying San Deigo won't accept Simpson's ICBO ER?
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Dennis Wish wrote:

 I heard an interesting rumor that the city of San Diego was not accepting the use of Proprietary shearwalls for installation at the second floor level or above. Can someone verify if this is the case or if there is a problem with specific proprietary walls and which ones if this is the case? The only thing that I can think of is that there is the age old question related to wood shrinkage and how it might be compensated for by the proprietary panels. If this is the case, what is the difference in this problem with any ordinary plywood shearwall or metal braced frame? Anyone in the San Diego area care to comment on this one? Also, isn't San Diego City in a lower seismic zone than the other coastal areas up to San Francisco or have the increased their city to Zone 4?Dennis S. Wish, PE
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