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Corbel Pin design

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A while back I remember someone saying that bending of a pin is often an important factor when designing pins.  At the time I was not doing a pin design so I just filed it away in my head to keep in mind.  Now I have a conveyor truss bearing to do where I have a single vertical plate attached to the truss and two vertical plates attached to a base plate with a horizontal pin connecting the two.  I tried to search the archive with the word "pin" but it was too short (3 letters) so I couldn't look up past discussion of this subject.  I haven't tried the numbers yet, but it seems to me that there isn't a lot of bending going on here - its mostly shear - isn't it?  Perhap  I just want to make sure that I am not missing something big.  If this is something that is significant, can someone point me to a standard design procedure for this arrangement?
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