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Re: Corbel Pin design

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>Now I have a conveyor truss bearing to do where I have a single vertical 
>plate attached to the truss and two vertical plates attached to a base 
>plate with a horizontal pin connecting the two. I tried to search the 
>archive with the word "pin" but it was too short (3 letters) so I couldn't 
>look up past discussion of this subject.
Try searching on 'clevis.' That's what it is. 

> I haven't tried the numbers yet, 
>but it seems to me that there isn't a lot of bending going on here - its 
>mostly shear - isn't it?
Mostly, but it depends on the clearance between the tongue and the side 
plates. Don't forget bearing.

>If this is something that is significant, can someone point me to a 
>standard design procedure for this arrangement?
Design it like an eye bar. If the load is cyclic make sure you consider 
fatigue. These are common machine elements and you can get some help from 
machine design texts. 

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