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Classroom Text - Thanks to all

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Just a short note to thank all of you who recommended text books for potential use in my class at College of the Desert. I have contacted Prentice Hall for an evaluation copy of their book:  Applied Static's and Strength of Materials, by Spiegel and Leonard ISBN : 0-13-761990-1. I received notification from the PH rep that they are sending this book and a couple others that might be of consideration to the department for my review. I was very pleased by their response to me which occurred in less than 24 hours by e-mail.
For the moment, I am resorting to the last text they used - the Wiley Press, Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders by James Ambrose and Schaum's Outline "Static's and Strength of Materials" that was suggested by another list member. The class will be compensated by my own lecture outlines which will get us started.
Again, I appreciate all the help and advice that you have provided. I've decided to contact the other publishers of engineering references so I can provide links to useful materials on the Structuralist.Net. I have seen many questions related to recommendations for engineering references and publications and I think that the Structuralist can help unite the information from Prentice Hall, Wiley Press and many others (including independent publishers) to make the search for references easier to find.
Thank you all again.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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