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RE: excel custom formats

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Click on the cell
go to Format|Cell (or right click and select format).
Select the Number tab.
in the "Type" box put "#.?? psf".

#'s are required digits and ?'s are optional digits.  So in this case if you entered 20 it would appear as 20 psf and 20.65 would appear as 20.65 psf.

Also see the Excel Help item "Create a custom number format".  The following is an excerpt from "About number format codes for decimal places, spaces, colors, and conditions":

Decimal points and significant digits   To format fractions or numbers with decimal points, include the following digit placeholders in a section. If a number has more digits to the right of the decimal point than there are placeholders in the format, the number rounds to as many decimal places as there are placeholders. If there are more digits to the left of the decimal point than there are placeholders, the extra digits are displayed. If the format contains only number signs (#) to the left of the decimal point, numbers less than 1 begin with a decimal point.

# displays only significant digits and does not display insignificant zeros.

0 (zero) displays insignificant zeros if a number has fewer digits than there are zeros in the format.

? adds spaces for insignificant zeros on either side of the decimal point so that decimal points align when formatted with a fixed-width font, such as Courier New. You can also use ? for fractions that have varying numbers of digits.

To display                                      Use this code
1234.59 as 1234.6                               ####.#
8.9 as 8.900                                    #.000
.631 as 0.6                                     0.#
12 as 12.0 and 1234.568 as 1234.57              #.0#
44.398, 102.65, and 2.8 with aligned decimals   ???.???

Mark Jones
Jacobs Engineering

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