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RE: Ancient 4x12 Sizes

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Well, I remember New Year's Day 1970, because I remember my father giving my
brother and me a portable color T.V. for Christmas 1969 (it was the first
"Sharp" that we ever saw, a big deal because my father normally would've
NEVER bought Japanese), and we were watching the parades and football games
in our room all that day.

That was also the year that the NFL and AFL merged, as I recall.

Thirty-one years IS a long time in most peoples' reckoning. Just think: Some
of the old-timers we have in here were just getting started in their careers
at that time. I turned 13 that year, so it was all very hormonal for me as I

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> 'Old' is relative.  To me 1970 is 'prehistoric'. To 'flower power people'
> who were growing thier hair long and badmouthing thier country in 1970, it
> was yesterday.

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