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Title: 1970

Dear Youthful Scott:

It just so happens that 1970 was a very good year indeed!  I got my BSCE in January, and finished all of the work on my MSCE by December.  All of my study was directly under the textbook Gods; Salmon, Johnson, and Wang.  In July, my 2S draft deferment expired and I found myself a healthy and nervous 1A.  Just then, Nixon's first draft lottery occurred, and my birthday gloriously placed me at #322 in the draft queue and thereby kept me out of Viet Nam.  In August, I got married (still am).  Finally, by December, I received and accepted the most lucrative job offer ever made to a MS candidate in any field of engineering at UW-Madison ... a whopping $1100/month.

I agree that it seems as though 1970 was just last year.  Why am I now supposed to feel old?


Stan Caldwell in Dallas

Scott Haan wrote:

'Old' is relative.  To me 1970 is 'prehistoric'. To 'flower power people' who were growing thier hair long and badmouthing thier country in 1970, it was yesterday.