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RE: 1970

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Title: 1970

 On Wednesday, August 15, 2001 4:54 PM Bill Polhemus  wrote: 
         "The first date selected was...September 14th--MY BIRTHDAY!!!! " 
I remember Sept 14 coming up first in the lottery too.  I was a sophomore in college trying to learn statics (or dynamics.  I can't remember.)  And my birthday is Sept. 30.  I almost wet my pants when I heard them say "Sept.".  The # for Sept. 30 was in the 300's someplace, like Stan's.  What a difference two weeks can make, not that I wouldn't have gladly served my country.  Thanks, Mom, for hanging on those last two weeks.

In 1970, where was LRFD?  "Plastic Design of Steel" was the course title at Ol' Mizzou.  IIRC there was still rivet data in the Manual of Steel Construction. 

In 1970, you said "Madonna" with sincere reverence and respect, even if you weren't Catholic.

In 1970, "crack" was something lumber and concrete did, not people.

In 1970, "rap" was something you did on a door to get the attention of people on the other side of it.

In 1970, ninety-nine percent of all Americans thought of a salad when you said "Watergate".

In 1970, I had no earthly idea how obnoxiously expensive it would be to send a son or daughter to a public college in 2001.

Maybe 1970 WAS a long time ago.

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