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Re: 1970

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Jeez, Alaska.  Have some respect.  I am of the same vintage as Mr. Polhemus,
and a few years behind Mr. Caldwell in terms of maturity.  In twenty-two
years of practicing structural engineering, I have learned, in part from my
old boss Paul Greenfield, who learned in part from his old boss Dick
Bradshaw (who posted to this list earlier this week in re soils conditions
in Shanghai and who probably predates Mr. Flintstone), that good engineers
are like fine wine.

There is absolutely no substitute for experience in our profession.

Besides, if we know Fred, we also know Wilma, Barney and Betty, who is (or
at least was) pretty good looking.

Drew A. Norman, S.E.
Drew A. Norman and Associates
Consulting Structural Engineering
Pasadena, California


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Do you guys know Fred Flintstone?

Scott M Haan P.E.
Plan Review Engineer
Building Safety Division
Development Services Department
Municipality of Anchorage
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Bill wrote:

Yes, 1970 was a memorable one, even for one primarily occupied with the
process of puberty as I was at that time!
Has anything changed since then ?;^>

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