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RE: 1970

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	Age in 1970 - 18

	Lottery Number - Don't recall the exact number but it was just high
enough to avoid the war

	Home - Moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Boulder, CO to start my freshman
year at the 	University of Colorado in pursuit of an engineering degree. 

	Hair - long w/ head band, eventually in a pony tail

	Direction - engineering degree but wasn't sure of what "kind" of
engineer at the time

	Occupation - none 

	Lifestyle - "conservative hippie" (peace & rock'n'roll; did "inhale"
a few times but 	decided my mind wasn't expanding in the directions I
wanted it to; in lieu of sexual 	freedom, I got married by the time I
was 19 - celebrated 30th anniversary in 2000; married 	on Flagstaff
Mountain in Boulder, wearing headband, Mexican wedding shirt, and bell


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