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RE: Avoid mail viruses and worms!!

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David Williams wrote:

. > Just this a.m. my Norton AV detected the virus W32.sircam.worm.exe in an
. > incoming attached file named "  The apparent source of 
. > the email was an engineering firm in Bakersfield, CA.  The text in the 
. > email said "Hi, how are you? Would like to have your advice on this."

. > This virus and the accompanying email has been going around a lot.  If you
. > get email containing the above or similar text, delete it immediately even
. > if you recognize the apparent sender!

. > Incidentally, the infected email came in on my AOL account and had no
. > involvement with MS Outlook.

But, if Norton did not catch the worm, and your e-mail program (AOL *or* 
Outlook *or* anything) is set up to automatically open attachments, the worm 
would have looked for windoze, then looked for Outlook, and its address book, 
and would have resent the worm without your knowledge.

I, too, have received virii and worms, but as a pure DOS user, the virii and 
worms currently being sent do not affect me as they are targeted to exploit 
windoze vulnerability and windoze programs default setups to automatically 
read/open/execute attachments, javascripts, HTML, etc.

However, I am not naive enough to think that I am immune from virii (and 
worms and trojan horses) as they have been around long before windoze was a 
glint in BG's eye.  I am just happy that M$ has provided the pollen for the 
bees to flock to.

Jaswant N. Arlekar's suggestion to add an invalid address to Outlook's 
address book is a curious way to stop relaying virii and worms.  This 
suggestion implies that once Outlook encounters an invalid address, it stops 
sending mail to subsequent addresses.  If this is true, and you are, say, 
broadcasting an erratum, one incorrect/invalid address would prevent the 
erratum from going to all subsequent addressees.  I find it hard to believe 
that even Outlook would be this bad.

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