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Early reinforced concrete

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Does anyone have information on "#3 Rib Metal" from the early 1900's?

I am looking at drawings of a reinforced concrete industrial building from
1916, specifically at the slab detail.   The slab reinforcing is called out
as "#3 Rib Metal" and "56 sheets of #3 RM @ 15'-0 ea, w/ 900 rib metal
clips" are required in each floor.  The detail of this Rib Metal almost
looks like rib deck, however in a section through the slab,  the Rib Metal
is shown with clear cover, indicating that that it would be more like a wire

The drawings indicate that the Kahn System of Reinforced Concrete is used,
but I think this refers to the beam design, not the slab design - (The beam
reinforcing detail has re-bar bent at 45 degrees for shear reinforcing I

If anyone has information on the design values of this #3 Rib metal, or on
the Kahn System of Reinforcing Concrete I would very much appreciate it.  

Thank you,

Molly Hughes

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