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converting from "American" to "Italian"

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Been there, done that, would not want to do it again.

Unless Italy has gone completely with the Euro specifications you are in
for a big headache.  The reason is that there is no Italian Building Code
per se.  Most of the regulations have been legislated individually over a
number of years and few if any English translations exist (how is your
Italian?!?).  Also, there may be several regional laws depending on where
your project is located.  I am unaware of any one spot where you can find
all the applicable Laws, Decrees, Bulletins, CNRs, UNIs, and UNs.  Your
best bet is probably hiring a local engineer as a consultant.

Here are a few examples (English Translations):

Law 5 February 1974, N.64 Measures for constructions with special
regulations for seismic areas

Law by decree 16 January 1996 Technical rules concerning seismic

Law 5 November 1971, N.1086 Rules for the discipline of reinforced concrete
and prestressed concrete works and steel structures.

Law by decree 16 January 1996, Updating of technical rules concerning
construction safety, loads and extra loads.

Etc., Etc.,

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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We've been asked to convert a building's project documents from
the typical U.S. standards (ASTM, ACI, AWS, AISC, ANSI,
AWPA, PCI, SJI, etc.) to the Italian equivalents (ISO, UNI, and
??????)  Has anyone been through this before? Got any ideas on
the best approach?

Dave Evans
TNH, Inc.

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