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I am here and hope this e-mail makes it through. I have had problems with my e-mail editor - Microsoft Outlook and have had to change over to Eudora until I can resolve the problem. I apologize as I sent you an email which obviously did not get through. I've received responses to my account through Eudora and I am confident this works okay.
The answer to your question is that the traffic has been slow - most likely due to the popular time for all to take vacations. I, myself, spent three days in Phoenix over two visits (to pick my grandchildren up from the Phoenix airport and to drop them back off over a ten day period). This is the time of the year when things slow down so don't be discouraged.
Post a couple of good messages and I think you will obtain some strong replies.

Welcome back (deja vu since I wished you the same in the last post that never got to you).

Keep you eye's peeled and I'm sure the conversations will pick up in the next several weeks.


At 10:33 AM 8/27/2001, you wrote:
I was away over that time and had unsub'd for the duration, however, on my return last week, your posting had come through despite my "unsub".  Since then I have tried to "subscribe" but keep getting "mail return".  Also I have been unable to contact Dennis Wish.
Maybe it's holidays, maybe the cotton-tail got Bill!
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There was an exchange on SE-practice regarding "when the Client Says Too Much" around August 12.
I sent a question to AEC-residential on August 11 regarding two fireplaces served by one chimney flue.  It showed up in my inbox as email from the list, but I got no response.  I assumed that the subject was too obscure a matter to elicit response -- I hope that it got circulated on the list. 
Other than those, there does not seem to have been much activity on the lists.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA