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Anchorage to Concrete for OSHPD jobs

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Hello all:
I am currently working on an OSHPD job in the state of California and have some questions regarding anchorage to concrete.  Specifically, I want to know what people are using for seismic rehabilitation jobs.  I have a condition where I am anchoring new steel collectors and bracing to existing concrete shear walls in an exterior condition.  The possible anchorage schemes and questions I have are:
1) I would like to use epoxy resin anchors, but OSHPD will only allow there use if we can provide "long term stability and durability data to OSHPD for approval".  Has anybody used epoxy resin anchors on an OSHPD job, and if so, where did you obtain the durability data?
2) Use threaded rods with cementicious grout.   How would one compute the capacities of these elements?  The equations in the UBC for anchorage are for headed anchors, which I will not have.  Could you use the equations and reduce the allowable loads based on the ratio of the embedment length to the required development length?  Does anybody know of any design equations for non-headed anchorage?  
3)  Use mechanical anchors.  The problem with these is that they would need to be stainless steel due to the exterior exposure and they have  lower capacity (typically) than epoxy resin or grouted anchors.
Any shared suggestions or experiences on this matter would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance;
Russell Berkowitz
San Francisco, CA