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2x Built-up columns.

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Moving from southern California to St. Louis, MO,  I noticed more built-up beams and columns in the residential construction here. 2-2x4 or 3-2x4 as columns to support girder trusses with up to 8000 lbs. or 12000 lbs, If the column ht goes to more than 12',  I saw some 2x6 s. 10d or 16d nail @ 12" or 24" are common for these built-up columns. ½" plywood exterior and ½" gyp board interior are the only bracing for those columns. Per NDS 97 sec. 15.3, I have problems to justify the design. But I have been told, they built thousands of houses like these, none of these columns failed. Please help me !

Helen Zhou  PE

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