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Re: Acrobat Help

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I only have 4.5 but I can't imagine they changed it much: 

Try looking at the paper size under the advanced tab of the distiller
properties dialog box (when setting the print device in Autocad just prior
to printing, click properties after selecting the device).  There should be
an entry for PostScript Custom Page Size.  If you select this you
automatically get a second dialog box that asks for size and orientation. I
believe that Distiller lets you set up custom sizes permanently as well.

Distiller is the full blown rendering machine that is part of the Acrobat
package. The alternate is PDF Writer.  If you need to print just text, ie a
WORD document, pdf writer is fine, as it is a low res engine not intended
for graphics.  If you need quality output, Distiller is the way to go as you
have full control of the print job, size, color, resolution etc. 300dpi
seems to be more than enough so don't go crazy with the resolution settings.

Nick Blackburn

phone: (510) 553-2160
fax: (510) 553-2163


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