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Re: Email From Some Called resume(--nospam--at)

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They are infected worms. If you don't have virus protection, I would highly recommend you install one. While you can do a great job filtering these, I've been hit twice and was lucky enough to recover after they worm started sending literally hundreds of E-mail per hour. Having virus protection saved me hours trying to stop the virus from sending long enough for me to find out where it hid itself in the Windows registry and startup files.


At 02:30 PM 8/31/2001, you wrote:
I have been getting several email messages from
resume(--nospam--at) that have been replies to email messages
from this list server.  The emails have attachments that end in either
.pif or .scr  I assume these are viruses.  I have not opened them.

Is anybody else getting mail from this user?

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