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Re: Acrobat Help

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The problem with PDFWriter is not so much that it is a low resolution writer (you can adjust the DPI greater than 300-dpi and up by following the setup instructions I sent Rich). The issue with Rich is that Acrobat is converting a vector drawing (CAD) to a raster output which uses pixels rather than lines. While it may not be too bad for pictures or photo's as long as you can get the pixel size very small by increasing the resolution, it will be noticeable on a line (vector) drawing.
As you pointed out, Distiller is intended for postscript printers where very high resolution is expected, but for most applications, PDFWriter should be able to provide decent results but not as great as sending a PLT files within your CAD program directly to a Deskjet plotter.

If Rich is sending PDF files to clients who do not have a CAD station or who have a large format printer (Deskjet plotter type), then he may be better off sending a PLT or HPGL/2 file instead which will retain the high resolution and quality he wants to achieve in a plot.

If all he wants to do is view the file on a Screen, then he can change the paper size and use the lowest resolution (96 dpi) to obtain adequate results.

He really needs to play around with this to see how the resolution changes based on printing or viewing and the difference between raster (printer and postscript) and vector (line or Plot) files.


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