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Fwd: Code of Professional Conduct - CA PE Board

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Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 16:26:34 -0700
From: Charles Greenlaw <cgreenlaw(--nospam--at)>
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To: dennis.wish(--nospam--at)
Subject: Code of Professional Conduct - CA PE Board

Hello, Dennis,

I was scanning the Seaint list Archives for the first time in several
months and came across the subject thread, of Aug 7, 2001.

There is no enforceable Code of Professional Conduct in CA yet.

The CA PE Board is still writing and revising drafts for said Code,
which when ready will have to undergo the CA Admin Procedures Act
process for adoption into the CA Code of Regulations as part of the
Board Rules.
When the "45-day notice" of intent to adopt a specific text of the
Code of Professional Conduct is filed by the PE Board, presumably it
will be posted on the Board's website,, so
everyone can see the intended text, ponder its impacts, and have a
chance to lodge comments on it with the Board. The state's Office of
Administrative Law, which "plan checks" all Board Rule adoptions,
sells at nominal cost a very helpful booklet on the adoption procedure
and on how to comment effectively. OAL is in Sacramento and in the
phone book.

I still subscribe to Board Meting and Committee Meeting long-form
Agenda Packages, and attend a few meetings each year-- the few that
are held in the state's capital city. There are some troubling
provisions in the latest Code of P.C. draft that will be discussed at
the Sep 6&7 Board and Committee Meetings at San Francisco, troubling
for small office and individual, private practice PE's in particular.

So far, the Board's website does not post Board and Board Committee
Agenda packages, or minutes of the Committee meetings, or timely
minutes of past Board meetings. (I just looked.) The Code of
Professional Conduct is currently being handled by the Board's
Enforcement Committee (chaired by Boardmember Gregg Brandow SE, by the
way) thus one cannot follow the Code of Conduct's drafting process at
all without subscribing to the long-form Agenda Package at one's own
considerable expense, and by attending their meetings hither and yon.
Where's SEAOC in this? I don't know; knothing shows of any SEAOC

You might pass this on to the Seaint List and to Structuralist.

Chuck Greenlaw, SE  Sacramento CA

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
760.564.0884 - Phone
208.361.5447 - Efax