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RE: Cable Problem

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If your computer is in windows, there is a online-runable program "m2Cable"

Your input can be prepared as:

(1) There are three joints: two end supports, one internal joint where
external load applied. Let joint 1 and joint 2 be support, and let joint 3
be the internal joint.
(2) joint coordinates: for example, joint 1 (0,0), joint 2(200,0), and joint
3(50,-50). Joint 3 is a free joint. The initial coordinates of free joint
can be any reasonable value, for example (0.05, 80). The difference is on
iteration cost.
(3) There are two cables. The frist one is from joint 1 to joint 3, and the
other one has joint 2 and joint 3.
(4) Each cable has cross-section area, young's modulus, thermal expansion
coeficient, and unstrained length. If thermal effect is important, you can
input temperature change in each cable.
(5) External load. Decompose each load into x and y components.

If you have all the information, run "preprocessor" to input the data, and
save the data onto a file, for example, "example.dat".

Then run "postprocessor", and retrieve the file "example.dat". You will have
anything you want.

Good luck.


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> Subject: 	Cable Problem
> Can anyone tell me (or direct me to a good resource) how I calculate the
> sag and resultant tension in a cable due to a point load, given the
> distance between end supports, the cable properties (Area and Modulus of
> Elasticity), the initial tension in the cable and the magnitude and
> location of the point load along the cable.  I am assuming that the ends
> of the cable are at approximately the same elevation.
> Thank you for your assistance.
> Gray Hodge

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