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Re: Brick Shelf Angles

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I have seen it done either way.  If you do stack it full height, then be
careful of joints for movement of the brick.  The brick will then to
expand due to moisture and heat, so you need to make sure that there is
adequate movement space below windows etc.  Stacking the brick full height
will mean that your movement joints below a window on the second floor
will have to be larger than if you used a relief/shelf angle.

Your bigger problem will likely be the metal stud backup.  Brick with a
metal stud backup system is not the most desirable system.  You need to
pay extremely close attention to the details for this type of a system.
Most A/E firms that I have worked at would not do brick with metal stud
back up or would require the client to sign a "wavier" for "forcing" the
use of such a system due to cost reasons.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Chris Towne wrote:

> I am designing a 2 story braced steel frame building that has a max. ht. of 38'.  The exterior walls are brick with metal stud backing.  Are steel shelf angles warranted or would it be standard practice to have a continuous wall from the foundation wall to the roof?
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