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Re: Brick Shelf Angles

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Chris Towne wrote:
I am designing a 2 story braced steel frame building that has a max. ht. of 38'.  The exterior walls are brick with metal stud backing.  Are steel shelf angles warranted or would it be standard practice to have a continuous wall from the foundation wall to the roof? Chris Towne, P.E.
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We use brick veneer with metal stud backup. 40' is the limiting height we use for veneer.  We specify stud properties for a deflection ratio of  L/600 on the structural drawings. Loose lintels are used over windows up to 12 feet.

Architecturally, care must be taken to allow some differential movement between the veneer and the studs if the studs are rigidly attached to the steel frame. If slide clips are used to attach the studs to the structure, then the interface of the slab and wall finish must accomodate some differential movement.

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