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embrittlement of reinforcing bars when hot-dip galvanized

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Hot dip galvanizing rebar is acceptable; see ACI 318 section and
ASTM A767, Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Bars
for Concrete Reinforcement.

Your real problem is the welding of the rebar to the plate.  This requires
preheat, proper weld settings/materials, and hope they did not dip it in
cold water when finished.  We had a million dollar disaster on a previous
project where the field arbitrarily substituted rebar for Nelson studs on
dozens of embed plates.  The fix was real ugly.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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Does any one have information supporting or denying that hot-dip galvanized
A706 rebar is embrittled during the galvanizing process.  I have an embed
that is A36 plate with #4 A706 welded to it.  The contractor has issued an
RFI with this as the basis for the requested alternate.  It is a new one to
me and I don't see anything in the ACI or AWS literature.


Nicholas Blackburn

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