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Re: Children ... (AKA disclaimer)

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Amen to that. 

What would be nice is some means of indicating how sure they are on what they post, something like what goes on in the "so you want to be a millionaire" show where the hot seat occupier calls a friend. For those folks who haven't seen the show, the friend advises the contestant of what answer they should use and sometimes gives a percentage on how sure he is of the answer. 

For opinions given on this list, I'd like to know who is acting as a textbook wired for sound and who has actually had hands-on experience with the subject of discussion.

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Whether or not we can be sued in civil court is yet a third consideration different from the other two. I (and apparently others as well) have felt free to contribute to this list in the expectation that those seeking information were sufficiently informed to know that they had to consider any information from an unknown source as questionable; they should not rely on it without question hence they had to verify it for themselves; and they had to assume responsibility for their own actions whether or not they took any advice offered. 



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