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RE: Castelated Beams in California

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Title: RE: Castelated Beams in California
Were not in California but we can do and have done castellated beams.

Wayne R. Sherwood

Wayne R. Sherwood

Senior Estimator






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Subject: RE: Castelated Beams in California

"Smart Beams" by SMI in Hope, Arkansas [a.k.a., Far East LA].  They are the only thing of value to ever come from Hope.  You can automate their design in RAM, where the section properties are built into the database.

Hope that helps!;^>

Stan Caldwell in Dallas

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Being that my previous Open Web Steel Joist question was such a big hit, I
was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of a steel fabricator in
California which produces Castellated beams?  Any leads would be

Thank you,

James Kramer