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Bolting through tubes

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We've got a situation where we are reinforcing a connection between an
existing wide-flange beam and an existing Tube Steel column. The existing
connection is a single shear tab welded to the face of the column, which
will not support the additional loads being added on the beam. We want to
place a seat angle below the exiting beam. However, the owner does not want
us to weld to make connections. Can anyone point me to a reference (or point
out) any additional concerns aside from the normal bolt tension, shear, etc?
I'm going to check the tube wall for bending across the face, and the
corresponding deflection, but how can I quantify what effect that may have
on the tube's axial or bending capacity? (or is the issue too minor to worry
about? It's a TS4x4x1/2) I guess that the AISC has gone as far as
recommending shear tabs rather then through plates "wherever possible" (if I
remember the black HSS connections manual correctly), So is this issue not
as serious as once thought?

Thanks in advance,


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