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Re[2]: Compaction tests

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I assume you are talking about a very clean 3/4-inch crushed rock, with less
than 5 percent fines.  Many believe 3/4-inch crushed rock is self compacting. 
Obviously, it is impossible to perform a sand cone test in uniform 3/4-inch
crushed rock (sand cone sand will flow into rock void space), and although you
can perform a nuclear gauge tests if you drive your source shaft into this
material hard enough, the results will be perplexing.  The difficulty is the
compaction curve (e.g. modified Proctor, ASTM D 1557-00).  You will not get a
curve (more of a horizontal line).  Water content will have little impact since
the void space is so great, and all the hammer pounding will have little impact
on the density.  If you really want to get into it, what would be your rock
correction?  ASTM would have you replace the whole sample.  So no, you cannot
test crushed rock as you would a "soil."  I think seeing the material in the
field could be instructive for you.

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Subject:    Re: Compaction tests
Author: seaint(--nospam--at)
Date:       9/14/2001 10:04 AM

I don't have my soils text here with me.  I think with a nuclear density
meter, something about the size of the rocks makes the test inaccurate.
I'll look for something this weekend.


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> It's fill behind a small retaining wall.  Can you explain to me why it
isn't possible.  Thanks.
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> Are you talking about structural fill or a free-draining gravel fill?
They are not the same.  If you are talking about a gravel fill, the soils
> engineer is correct.
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> Subject: Compaction tests
> > I just had a soils engineer claim that he couldn't test 3/4" clean
> granular fill with his nuke gauge.  Is this a correct statement?
> >
> > Alden Manipula
> >
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