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Americans Are Not Alone

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	Since Tuesday I have wanted to extend my deepest sympathies to those
who have relatives, friends, or acquaintances among the victims of the
World Trace Centre disaster and, indeed to all Americans.  I just
haven't known how to put my feelings into words or when to send the
words.  Please accept my sincere, if belated, sympathies now.

	Late Wednesday evening I received a copy of the editorial written by
Gordon Sinclair some 28 years ago and with it came an inspiration for
what I am writing below.  Gordon Sinclair passed away nearly twenty
years ago; but, were he alive today I'm sure he would be proud of the
way the world is responding to this present tragedy.  I would now like
to enlarge upon one of Gordon Sinclair's comments from that editorial,
namely "... nobody helped."

	You Americans are a hard people to help because you are always the
leaders.  The success of your American Revolution of the 1770's against
tyranny was an inspiration for the French Revolution of the 1790's
against tyranny some twenty years later.  Your emergence as a full world
power in world War II against tyranny actually carried the day; without
you we may well have failed.  I think that, as good as Gordon Sinclair
was, he may well have underestimated the the world's willingness to
help, particularly the willingness of Canadians to help when we can. 
When American diplomats were in danger in Iran Canadians helped.  When
an American school was among the many buildings flattened by a Florida
hurricane Canadians rebuilt it.  And recently when an American doctor
was in serious medical distress at the South Pole Canadians helped.  And
now, in the wake of the World Trade Centre disaster it appears that most
of the world is also willing to help.

	It would seem that Osama bin Laden has given you a "bloody nose".  But
America will not die from this bloody nose.  America will come back from
this to be as strong as ever.  And in the weeks and months to come I am
sure that Osama bin Laden will come to be known as "has been" Laden.

	I would remind you that in 1941 Admiral Yamamoto also gave you a bloody
nose.  And in the months that followed Yamamoto and the tyrannical
regime that directed him were defeated; and the Japanese people were
released from tyranny and have since come to be among America's finest

	As it was so shall it be again.  Osama bin Laden and those close to him
will be defeated; the people under a yoke of tyranny will be set free;
and they will in turn come to be listed among America's friends.

	I wish you all a speedy recovery from this trauma.  And may you all
soon be back to living as near a normal life as possible.

				God bless America,

				H. Daryl Richardson,
				Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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