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RE: The enemy engineer

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Did any of you take demolition in school???  I did not.  I learned how to design buildings for safe use. 
Most terrorist do not care for theory.  They use what weapons they have for the most effect.  I assume that they are surprised they collapsed the buildings.  They would have a more visual effect if the towers stood with charred tops for all the world to see as opposed to being removed.
The local paper has stated that bin Laden was a rich party boy while in school and earned a degree in economics.  I have found other sites on the internet that seem to confirm this. 
Ron Hill
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Osma bin Ladan holds a Civil Engineering degree ( 
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I totally agree with Bart.
I would see it as following : For some people the engineer or doctor etc. is just a title without a deeper meaning. Theese people may are engineers or doctors etc. on the paper, but they don't realize the real meaning of beeing a engineer or a doctor, they don't know the values of our work or human life !
In the case of the WTC I can't believe that a structural engineer gave the mission profile to the terrorists. Maybe all theese things about this civil engineer are only rumors ?! I hope we'll learn everthing about the circumstances as fast as possible!
Rico Harzer structural engineer Germany

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