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Re: Fiber Reinforced Polymer

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Structural Composites, Inc., of the DeNeef Group, has a full line of FRP
products: including pultruded CFRP Laminates (S&P Clever Reinforcement)
(widths of 50mm, 80mm 100mm), Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Sheets
(Tonen/NCK)(200g/m2, 300 g/m2, 600g/m2), Uni-Directional Glass Fiber Sheets
(300 g/m2, 600g/m2, 900g/m2), Bi-Directional Glass Fiber Sheets, Water Cured
Prepreg Sheets (AquaWrap, AquaPreg, ER 22-77).

I will have SCI headquarters send you a Technical Binder including Design
Software and Guidelines.

The California Representative is Roger Green , Birkdale and Co.,


Jim Korff
ACI Committee 440
San Mateo, CA.

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> Subject: Fiber Reinforced Polymer
> We are looking for alternate manufacturers for the FRP
> system for reinforcement of an existing masonry building.
> Any suggestions on companies located in the California
> area?
> Mark Pemberton, P.E.
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