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Re: fire protection of steel beams

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Under UBC if this member is part of the "Structural Frame", individual protection is required.  If not part of structural frame then protection provided by floor/ceiling assembly is OK.  

Need to check particular code being used.

Oregon is looking at adopting IBC (When????) and there sure are a lot of changes.  (It gets harder to cope with this as I get older.)

T Coleman, PE
Marion County Building Inspection

>>> "Pat Clark" <bcinc(--nospam--at)> 09/26/01 09:12AM >>>
I am looking for a specification for the 1-hr fire protection of steel beams with a spray-on application.

Also, does anyone know if a steel beam completely concealed in a 1-hr floor/ceiling assembly of wood joists, rated drywall, and concrete flooring over p.w., require additional fire protection, or is it okay as it is completely covered by the other assembly?

Pat Clark, P.E.

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