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FW: fire protection of steel beams

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FYI below my response to Pat!  
Amal Tamim, M.Sc. FPE  
Manager, Codes and Standards
Grace Construction Products
Specialty Buidling Materials
(Monokote, Flamesafe)
(Preprufe, Procor, Ice and Water Shield)
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From: Tamim, Amal  
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Subject: RE: fire protection of steel beams

Hello Pat :  
You can check Grace website at
also for individual protection of beams contained within a rated 1 hour  
floor ceiling assembly - depends on your local code requirements- in  
general, if the beams are supporting more than 2 floors or floor and  
roof, or floor and wall, they will require individual protection even  
though they are contained in a 1hour ceiling assembly~  
Amal Tamim, M.Sc. FPE  

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Subject: fire protection of steel beams

I am looking for a specification for the 1-hr fire protection of steel  
beams with a spray-on application.
Also, does anyone know if a steel beam completely concealed in a 1-hr  
floor/ceiling assembly of wood joists, rated drywall, and concrete  
flooring over p.w., require additional fire protection, or is it okay  
as it is completely covered by the other assembly?
Pat Clark, P.E.

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