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RE: Bending Anchor Bolts

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Title: RE: Bending Anchor Bolts

>I've got a project where the A36 anchor "rods",
>if they weren't placed in the wrong spot,
>they've been driven over and bent down at
>angles up to 60 degrees. Fortunately the
>braced bays were anchored with heavy dywidag
>tempcore rods and don't seem to be damaged.

>I'd like to give the contractor a repair spec
>which involves pre heating before bending the
>bolts back to plumb. Does anyone have any idea
>how much pre heat I should require? I guess this
>means what shade of red should the
>bolts be heated to? Or is "red" too much?

The Research Council on Structural Connections is in the process of preparing a specification for design and construction of anchor rods, much like the one they currently have for high-strength bolted joints. It has some coverage of remediation and repair, including for the cases you're dealing with. It is not final, but I'm sure you could get some input from Professor Robert Dexter at University of Minnesota, who is leading the development of that spec. He's a good practical guy.

His phone number is 612/624-0063.