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Re: Double Tee Parking Structure

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	Canadian Standards Association, CSA, has a standard on parking
structure design.  It's an excellent reference in case you can't find an
American standard. The standard is S413-94, Parking Structures,
Structures (Design).  Their address is

	178 Rexdale Boulevard,
	Rexdale, ontario, Canada.
	M9W 1R3

I don't have an e-mail address but I'm sure they have one.

	This standard covers many things beyond what you have asked about:
things like crack control in the topping, corrosion protection against
highway de-icing salt and many more.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Dan Goodrich wrote:
> I've got a single story double tee parking structure to be constructed
> in
> Orem, Utah.  460 ft. long x 60 ft. wide.  It will be subject to pretty
> wide
> fluctuation in temperatures year round.  I'm looking for any
> guidelines
> regarding expansion, creep, shrinkage, etc.  Are you guys putting
> expansion joints in this size structure.  I plan on anchoring one end
> of
> the tees, and letting the other end float.  It's the long direction
> that I
> could use some input on.  There will be a 4 in. concrete topping.
> TIA.
> Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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