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ASCE 7-88 vs. 7-93

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Does anyone know of any changes in the WIND LOAD section of ASCE 7-93 when the code updated from the previous 1988 version?

I realize the most current edition of ASCE 7 is 1998.  I'm dealing with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Specfications which indicate using "the fastest-mile-of-wind charts available in ASCE 7-88".  Fair enough but was confuses me a bit is that the aforementioned Bridge code is the 1999 edition, and there is a reference in this same code to ASCE7-93, so I don't think it's a matter of ASCE 7-93 not being around long enough to make it into the 1999 AASHTO code.

So, that's my long way of saying there must be something different in the ASCE 7-88 compared to the ASCE 7-93 wind load spec?


Michael LeComte, PE
FL Bridge Engineer

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